Friday, July 20, 2007

Women are the Solution to Africa's Problems

A presentation was made by Rebecca Tinsley on 8 March 2007 entitled “Why Women are the Solutions to Africa’s problems”; it was cosponsored by the Women Studies Program and the African Studies Center at Boston University. Rebecca Tinsley is a British journalist and the Director of Waging Peace, a non-governmental organization focusing on ending the crisis in Darfur. Tinsley believes that African women are the key to the continent’s success. She says, “Women are the agents of social change.” Tinsley focuses on a bottom up development model. She wants to help empower women by implementing micro loans, education and training programs. If women can have access to micro loans and education or training they will be able to advance development in their own communities.

Tinsley’s insightful lecture led her to discuss The Rwanda Girls School, a boarding school which will provide Rwandan women the opportunity for education. In order to prevent the reoccurrence of atrocities like the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, the establishment of safe educational institutions is necessary. The Rwanda Girls School which is being developed by Tinsley has a two-fold strategy. It will address the gender divide by providing technology to all students in an attempt to eliminate the digital divide. The second aspect of the strategy will focus on eliminating the social hierarchies that enable discrimination against women in Rwanda. Meredith Gray, a Boston University sophomore says, “In broadening girls’ skills, the Rwanda Girls School ensures that women will help determine policy, culture and social views within Rwanda. With the attitude that any committed, well-educated person can make a difference, The Rwanda Girls School will prepare Rwandans for social change.”

This entry was compiled from two students work: Margaret Hartley and Meredith Gray. For more information on the Rwanda Girls School please visit: