Saturday, March 14, 2015

Photography Exhibition on India just launched at the Faneuil Library!

An art exhibit on India was launched by photographer Richard Wood at the Faneuil Branch of the Boston Public Library on 8 March 2015 - International Women’s Day. Richard’s exhibit consists of several dozen magnificent color photos taken across India. Appropriately enough, a number of the photographs capture the daunting workloads that Indian women carry out daily, headloading water, making dung patties for fuel, and crushing and carrying gravel for road construction. Many others capture an insightful glimpse of daily life and often reflect Richard’s keen sense of humor.

The exhibit was hosted by the Faneuil Librarian Dorothy Keller and organized by Ronni Komarow, Board Member of the Friends of Faneuil, also of the Brighton Allston Historical Society, our UNESCO/UNITWIN Affiliate.

Here is the photographer’s statement for the India exhibition:

In December 2011 my wife and I went to India, to see, to listen and hopefully to learn something about an ancient culture and over a billion people who live on the other side of our planet.

We were immediately engulfed and entranced by a surfeit of colors, sounds, smells and contradictions – unbearable poverty, unimaginable wealth. Life everywhere amidst extraordinary celebrations of death.

We came home sated and spellbound, incapable of intelligently commenting on the political or socio/economic structures of India, but knowing that somehow there are such things as calm intensity and ordered chaos.

“Most governments are run by people, mine is run by the gods” – 
Anil Dwivedi 

Richard Wood, Photographer, Brighton, MA 

Do stop by the Faneuil Branch of the Boston Public Library at 419 Faneuil Street in Oak Square, Brighton to visit this photography exhibition on India throughout the month of March.