Monday, April 27, 2020

Congratulations to Dr. Roberta Micallef on winning Boston University's Prestigious Susan K. Jackson Award!

The UNESCO/UNITWIN Network joins WGS Director Cati Connell in applauding Roberta Micallef on winning Boston University’s Susan K. Jackson Award!
Photo courtesy BU
Dr. Micallef has been a long-standing contributor to the initiatives of our Network, including sharing her gender justice work on Turkish women in prisons, and women and gender perspectives from the Ottoman Empire to modern Turkey.

We can't say we're surprised: as announced on the CAS website, she "helps foster the unique and vibrant intellectual community of BU"—and beyond!

The energy Dr. Micallef invests in social justice concerns inspires us all! As former mentees attest, she has changed the lives of many.

Brava to Robreta for radiating creativity and commitment to the BU—and global!—communities, and for being such a great leader!