Monday, May 11, 2009

Gearing up for UNESCO's World Conference on Higher Education!

UNESCO'S UNITWIN team, that hosts our Gender, Culture, and People-Centered Development Network, is gearing up for participation in UNESCO'S World Conference on Higher Education. The gathering in Paris will focus on 'the new dynamics of higher education and research for societal change and development.' (5-8 July, 2009).

The UNESCO/HQ UNITWIN team, directed by Dr. Sonia Bahri, is pictured here in late 2008 on the occasion of meetings with Dr. Brenda McSweeney, initiator of the UNESCO/UNITWIN on Gender, Culture, and Development. From left to right: Carmen Piñán, Ariana Stahmer, Milena Caceres Valderrama, Brenda Gael McSweeney, Sonia Bahri, Inga Nichanian, Natalia Buga and Yoo Lee Miyon.

Since gender equality is one of UNESCO's two organizational priorities, the perspective of equity, access, and quality will be examined during the Conference debates.