Tuesday, October 9, 2012

BU Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program (WGS) Co-sponsoring: "Left on Pearl": Documentary on A First Women's "Occupy"

We are pleased to share with you news of an upcoming event sponsored by Boston University's Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program and hosted by the Gender and International Development Initiatives (GaIDI) of the Women's Studies Research Center of Brandeis University.

You are invited to a special screening:
GaIDI is sponsoring an interactive event to show and debate the powerful and surprisingly timely documentary:
LEFT ON PEARL [50 min. black and white film]

Time: 4pm 
Date: October 18th
Location: The Women's Studies Research Center (WSRC) at Brandeis University
                 515 South Street, Waltham, MA, USA

...with special guests Diane Balser of Boston University's Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program, and Rochelle Ruthchild, a Left on Pearl Executive Producer, both of whom will be sharing their experience leading the history-making women's march, takeover, and production of the film.                     

Diane Balser of Boston University's WSG

Rochelle Ruthchild, Executive Producer, Left on Pearl

A first "Occupy Movement" during International Women's Day celebrations in 1971, the film follows the spontaneous and gutsy takeover of a Harvard University building by a group of feisty, determined women, to highlight the need for a Women's Center. Among other topics, the film addresses the issues of feminism, sexuality/homosexuality, and building a political movement for social change (including, in this case, for affordable housing for the largely African-American Riverside Community in Cambridge). The action led to the establishment of the longest continuously operating Women’s Center in the U.S.! 

Left on Pearl offers the opportunity for a rich discussion on feminist social justice issues then and now, for international cross-cultural comparisons at that time and today, as well as for debate on the strategies and effectiveness of "occupy movements", and more recent phenomena such as "flash mob" events that go viral on the internet.

For more info: http://www.brandeis.edu/investigate/events/2012/Left-On-Pearl.html

Image: leftonpearl.org

Co-sponsors include: Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program (WGS) of Boston University; Gender Working Group (GWG) of The Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University; Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism, Brandeis University; The Brighton-Allston Historical Society; and Dr. Shulamit Reinharz, Director, Women's Studies Research Center (WSRC), Brandeis University.