Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Women on the Move in the Srihaswani Villages

We are pleased to share with you an article penned by our dear friend, Chandana "Mamlu" Dey. Chandana Dey is a co-founder of the Bhab Initiative in Santiniketan, West Bengal, India - a founding partner in the UNESCO/UNITWIN Network on Gender, Culture, & Development.  To read more about Women's Day in India and initiatives taking place in West Bengal, please see the article below:

"Young women are no longer content with only discussions. They are on the move. Recent initiatives include the ‘Solidarity March’ on the 8th of March. Some young people have started going for auxilliary nursing training in a Hospital in a neighbouring district. The aim is to provide trained nursing aides in each Bengal village, thereby providing a source of income for some and benefits for many.

Women’s Day March in town of Bolpur- (8 March 2014)
A visit by the organisation, Apne Aap that works on reducing the flow of human trafficking, in January 2014 to Santiniketan may lead to the establishment of a helpline for vulnerable women. The Srihaswani (Creative Manual Skills for Self-Reliant Development) team, ably led by Anuradha Ghosh, is likely to be at the forefront of this inititative. Anuradha has taken over the supervision of Srihaswani (AHIMSA) Project activities, once Chandana Dey (former project Coordinator) had to leave the area and shift to Delhi, as well as the fledgling tourism programme that helps raise funds for the development and educational activities in the ten villages."

Mothers’ discussion on nutrition and farming in the village of Darpashila, district of Birbhum, West Bengal

Chandana Dey
New Delhi
10 March 2014