Friday, May 2, 2014

Save the Date: Presentation on The Brighton-Allston Women's Heritage Trail


On Thursday, May 22, 2014, a Women's Heritage program sponsored by the Brighton-Allston Historical Society (BAHS) will begin at 7:15 at the Brighton-Allston Congregational Church, 404 Washington Street, Brighton Center. The BAHS is an affiliate of the UNESCO/UNITWIN on Gender, Culture, & Development.

Do join to learn the stories of some of the distinguished (and often overlooked) women who helped build the social and cultural fabric of Allston-Brighton.

This unique program will feature fifteen local women and women’s organizations of distinction. Presentations by members of the Women’s History Group of the BAHS will highlight the extraordinary lives, struggles and achievements of Brighton-Allston women spanning three centuries. This PowerPoint event will also showcase the historic and often magnificent architectural sites where these remarkable women wrote best-selling novels and newspaper broadsheets, produced world-famous Paul Revere pottery,and advocated successfully for women’s rights. An interactive discussion and refreshments will round out the evening.

For further information contact the Brighton-Allston Historical Society.
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Famed Brighton author Fanny Fern circa 1880

Mary Ann Faneuil Bethune, embattled heiress 
Hannah (Webster) Foster, novelist 
Sarah Worcester, de facto postmistress 
Sarah (Willis) Eldredge – "Fanny Fern", journalist
Elizabeth (Rowell) Thomson, philanthropist
Mary Jane (Kingsley) Merwin, historian

Harriet (Hollis) Baldwin, educational reformer, second President of the Brighthelmstone Club
Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston and Mt. St. Joseph’s Academy for Girls
Ellen (Marrett) Gifford, Philanthropist, Founder of the Ellen M. Gifford Sheltering Home for Animals
St. Elizabeth’s Hospital and School of Nursing
Edith Guerrier / Edith Brown / Helen Osborne Storrow, Paul Revere Pottery and The Saturday Evening Girls
Jennie Loitman Barron, first full-time woman judge in Massachusetts
Alice Gallagher, namesake Alice Gallagher Memorial Park
Veronica Smith, namesake of the Veronica Smith Senior Center
Sister Marie Augusta Neal, SND, educator, author, researcher, committed social justice activist