Saturday, September 29, 2018

UNESCO/UNITWIN Network on Gender, Culture & Development Highlights Reel 2017/2018 now available!

2017-2018 has been a period of social activism from the grassroots to the global policy level for our UNESCO/UNITWIN Network on Gender, Culture & People-Centered Development anchored at Boston University's Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program (WGS). The Highlights Reel gives a visual record of some of the key achievements of our Partners and Affiliates from three continents and is available here:

Illustrative of community-level activity is the work underway in fifteen villages in West Bengal to help women build ‘moving banks’ of livestock assets. This income-generating, female empowerment program is by rotation helping address children’s education and health needs, as well as adding to experience sharing – successes and remaining challenges.

Action for gender justice figured prominently in our portfolio this year. Our UNITWIN Affiliate, Unbound Visual Arts (UVA), launched a Women’s History Month educational exhibition titled Battle of the Sexes Revisited: The Sexual Harassment Volley of Today at the Boston Public Library’s Honan Branch Gallery. Other well-attended #MeToo movement-themed events took place from Greater Boston to Stockholm, simultaneously advancing components of the UNESCO Priority Gender Equality Action Plan 2014-2021.