Sunday, February 28, 2021

Celebrating Another Great Cultural Heritage Story: St Gabriel's!

It's not every day that we have a great cultural heritage restoration story! Please see below a message from Linda Mishkin, President of the Brighton-Allston Historical Society and documentary film "Writer," and Diane Kline, Member of the Board of Directors and film Executive Producer. Enjoy!

Greetings friends and neighbors:

When plans to develop the historic St. Gabriel’s site in Brighton were nearing approval, some of the project's mitigation funding was earmarked for the creation of a video documenting the restoration of the spectacular Monastery and Church buildings on the property. The restoration is now complete. Our documentary tells its story.

Along with the renovation of these buildings, our video shows how development and restoration can co-exist beautifully. To achieve this successful balance, it was essential that the voices of individual community residents were heard and the desire to preserve our heritage was honored.

We hope that you enjoy watching this amazing transformation and that it will rekindle fond memories for long-time members of the St. Gabriel’s community.

Thank you,
Linda Mishkin and Diane Kline
Brighton-Allston Historical Society