Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Yaaminey Mubayi speaks at the India Gate Lawn

On November 7th, 2007, Yaaminey Mubayi took part in an outreach event on Federalism, ‘Sanjha Safar: Public Discourse,’ at the India Gate Lawn, New Delhi. The event was organized by The Asian Heritage Foundation. Dr. Yaaminey Mubayi was a feature speaker presenting “Jaya Jagannath! The Links between People and Spaces in the Ritual Community of Puri.” Yaaminey, a co-coordinator for CRCI (Cultural Resource Conservation Initiative)/ UNITWIN , shared her work linking community development issues with built heritage conservation in Nabha and Amritsar in the state of Punjab. She illustrated the strong impetus provided by popular feeling for heritage and the importance of people's concerns in development programs. Her work on the pilgrimage sites of Puri and Amritsar demonstrates the power inherent in culture as a medium to drive development initiatives.